First Annual Online Teen Dance Film Festival

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This 30 minute film festival was created by The Hamlin School in San Francisco. The mini film festival highlights the work of middle school dancers at Hamlin as well as selected films from other middle schools and high schools around the globe…
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What does Communicative Language Teaching look like at Hamlin?

Communicative Language Teaching or el Enfoque Comunicativo is a language teaching methodology that emphasizes the importance of building meaningful communication through the use of highly contextualized, authentic scenarios that parallel a language learner’s everyday life experiences. (Richards, 2009) If you are a first grader at Hamlin enjoying recess, your communication with peers might be filled… Read More

SAMR Model: Excellence in Teaching with Technology

Effective teaching with technology relies on a teacher’s understanding of available technology tools and applications. In order to promote teaching excellence with technology, Hamlin has adopted the SAMR paradigm as the criteria to critically assess instructional technology choices. SAMR stands for substitution, augmentation, modification and redefinition. This reflective framework promotes deep understanding of technology and… Read More

Teaching Number Sense by Gillis Kallem

At Hamlin, we develop number sense through a series of mini lessons called Number Talks or Problem Strings. These lessons last no more than 15 minutes and can be taught as a whole class or in small groups… Read More

First Comes Number Sense by Gillis Kallem

At Hamlin, we want to cultivate a rich math experience, which includes a vibrant mathematical adventure into the world of numbers and reasoning, problem solving, and creativity, as well as real-life applications. At the foundation of this important work is number sense. In its most general definition, number sense is the ability to intuitively work… Read More