Hamlin and Food Runners

FoodRunnersDo you ever wonder what happens to the meatloaf that doesn’t get eaten in the cafeteria? The answer is Food Runners, a non-profit that has been relaying extra meals to hungry San Franciscans for the past 30 years. Food Runners regularly provides roughly 5,000 meals a day by delivering food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

We are in our fifth year working with this altruistic volunteer-powered organization. “The mission of Food Runners is to help alleviate hunger in San Francisco, to help prevent waste  and to help create community.”

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Common Sense Media Tip of The Week 10/17

Have you been wondering about Virtual Reality games and if you should introduce this “new” gear to your kids, but you have no idea where to start? Don’t worry. From Google’s inexpensive Cardboard VR viewer to Sony’s new PlayStation VR, this guide will help you figure out what makes sense for your family’s interests, needs, and budget. Here are your options if you want to dip your toe in the water, wade knee-deep, or really swim with the VR big fish. Keep in mind, virtual reality is a quickly changing technology, so always check out the companies’ websites and user reviews before you take the leap.

The best option for families with young kids are the virtual reality viewers. Virtual reality viewers are inexpensive, handheld devices that offer three-dimensional views and the feeling of being in a different place. The viewers’ lenses work by extending the depth of static images or animation but do not allow you to interact with your environment. To use them, download any app labeled “VR” in either iTunes or Google Play, launch the app, and insert your smartphone into the viewer. Click here to learn more about all the options for VR that may work for you and your family.

They Said Yes


All the members of my immediate family are male, and I love the way that my life at home complements my life at Hamlin. My husband Robert, an educator and consultant, is a powerful writer and deep thinker (which is why we get along so well), and we are united in our effort to raise joyful, respectful, culturally competent sons. This fall, Robert shared an exquisite piece of writing with the world. It reveals our values as parents and educators. Please enjoy.

Wanda M. Holland Greene

Head of School

Almost anyone who has ever asked another to spend the rest of their life with them can likely still feel that interminable pause between the question and the answer. The fact of the matter is that any significant “ask” often carries with it the fear of waiting on an expected yet unrequited confirmation that our fears were in vain, that moment when my mother often said that her mind didn’t fool her.

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Hamlin Participates in the WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival

Cubanw:HamlinThe Hamlin School joined over 5,000 people this past Saturday at Fort Mason in San Francisco to engage in a robust array of activities as part of the WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival. “WorldWideWomen is a for-profit social enterprise company dedicated to building a global movement for women’s and girls’ equality through technology, philanthropy and advocacy.”

Mark Cuban, Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Tim Draper participated in panels along with organizations like Students Stand with Malala, GirlVentures and Black Girls Code. The festival featured a Bizworld Girlpreneur Competition, a maker space, a Giant’s batting cage, and a speed mentoring session on career choices, among many other topics.

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Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.34.28 PM

It’s Digital Citizenship Week!

At Hamlin, digital citizenship is interwoven into the social emotional learning components of our program.

In K-4, teachers offer a digital citizenship lesson once a month as a part of Toolbox. In 5th and 6th grade, Ms. Beck and Ms. Davis team up to regularly deliver digital citizenship classes, and in the 7th and 8th grades, advisory teachers check in with their students and teach digital citizenship during advisory time at least once a month.

At home this week, we ask that you consider taking the Device Free Dinner Challenge!  Having family dinners together, without your devices, helps model what a healthy relationship to technology looks like. It also gives the benefit of making deeper connections with your child(ren) and is correlated to better nutrition, better academic performance, and fewer behavioral problems.

Read more and take the challenge this week!

Political Discussion with Hamlin Alumna, Mather Martin ’97

MatherMartinIn the topsy turvy world that is our 2016 presidential campaign, it was wonderful to welcome back Hamlin alumna Mather Martin ’97, to help make sense of the American political scene.

Ms. Martin has worked for Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and is currently a political and fundraising adviser to tech mogul Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame.

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Hamlin Students Make “Apps for Good”

AppsforgoodWe live in a digital age where thoughtful people strive everyday to find solutions to problems both mundane and profound.

At the Hamlin School in San Francisco students can take a 7th grade arts elective class where they work together to identify real issues that they care about, brainstorm ways to address those problems, and then learn to build apps to solve them. Students work through all key aspects of new product development, including: idea generation, technical feasibility, programming, design, deciding on business models and marketing.

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Hamlin Students Rise and Climb

BlindClimbCan you imagine clinging to a wall thirty feet above the ground unable to see? For Hamlin 7th graders this is a regular occurrence as part of their rock climbing class. By taking away eyesight, students must rely both on their sense of touch and on the voices of their teammates below to help them locate holds.

Hamlin’s climbing program is almost twenty years old. Back in 1997, Hamlin was one of the first schools in the United States to bring outdoor climbing to K-8 students; in 2020 it will be an Olympic sport featured in Tokyo.

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Uncovering Hamlin’s History

ArchivesPhotoWhen one steps into the Hamlin School, the pressed wood has felt the feet of thousands of students spanning decades of time passed. The first students to enter the Broadway Mansion explored the building at midnight by torchlight.

The origins of Hamlin start in 1863 at a separate location, but we moved into the 2120 Broadway address in 1928, with the McKinne campus added in 1961.

Last summer Hamlin faculty member Cyndera Quackenbush had the opportunity to unearth relics of Hamlin’s past. She discovered items dating back as far as 1854. Ms. Quackenbush encountered everything from Victorian Gold Damascene bracelets to Japanese paintings. Perhaps most revealing, were cassette tape recordings from former Hamlin students who attended the school in the early 20th century. Ms. Quackenbush was able to digitize these into shareable audio files. Through her research, we learn that Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt’s granddaughter, Eleanor Boettiger attended Hamlin, and that the Oscar-winning actress Joan Fontaine was a one time visitor.

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Hamlin’s New Green Garden

Greenhousew:CurranThe Hamlin campus recently became just a little bit more green thanks to the efforts of a group of committed students, teachers, and parents. Led by the newest version of the Green Team, the Environmental Ambassador Club turned part of the lair into a bonafide garden. The EAC members meet every Thursday and serve as ambassadors relaying messages to their peers during assemblies, while also sharing opportunities to spearhead environmental projects at school.

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